My Life With Crazy
A Place For Adult Children of Borderline Mothers to Share and Heal
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R.V.S said:   April 9, 2014 11:09 am PST
Reading all these sad and tragic stories, I realized I am not alone. I come to understand the meaning and effects of people who lived or are still living with BPD mothers and I can totally relate to all of what they say. I am emotionally and physically scarred in my heart and it hurts to look back on my childhood thinking its my fault. But its not. I just hope people right now who are living with BPD mothers or fathers can overcome the sadness and anger they will feel in their live when they grow up.

kritsy said:   March 2, 2014 10:33 pm PST
My mother has found a reason to be angry with me and therefore not attend my wedding festivities. i have tried to make peace like you do when everyone she has called to rant about you suggests. I will be married in a month and I have decided that I have to go and never ever look back. For as long as I could remember my mother has humiliated me for trivial things, condemned me and belittled me. I have always remebered my family visiting and later hearing from an aunt " you know your mom is very upset with you" . I am so tired of hearing about how I disappointed my mother or how depressed she is about an imaginary slight. I have atarted therapy because I am begining to hate this woman with every atom in my body. My whole wedding has now becoming whether she is coming or not. I woulld rather she not come at this point instead of make a scene. My mother has never had a weddin and she had me out of wedlock. a vile vile woman is all i see when i look at her. people always ask me " womt you regret her not being there? and its all I can do to not scream out I cant waitt il she dies! you may think thats cruel but my mother finds ways to sabotage,e and I mean goes out of her way to call ppl and tell them how evil i am and how get them to feel sympathy for her. she made up a lie that i didnt want her at my wedding forcing ppl to call me and ask why i said that telling me to make sure i invite her.... When the hell! have tyou ever heard of having to invite your mother to a wedding. my feeling of complete apathy sometimes are a relief from my utter disgust of her but god knows ita a struggle

Michaelene said:   February 26, 2014 10:32 am PST
It is a (sad) relief to know my childhood was not unique. Some of my friends over the years have said that I was making up some of the stories I would tell of my home life when we were sharing stories of our childhoods. I've learned that most people just don't want to know or believe that someone they know grew up in a nut house. I'm 56 and grew up before child abuse was considered a reason to take children away from parents.

Kim Stoeber said:   February 19, 2014 9:28 am PST
I would like to join this group.

Haley said:   February 7, 2014 12:13 pm PST
It is amazing that so many people have parents with BPD. The sad part is only a few of us understand that - to everyone else my mom looks like the greatest thing, she can really fake a croud - but only we see their true colors. All I am going to say is that I am a teenager, and would love some advice on how to forgive. I can't seem to change my situation so I would like a way to be happy with myself despite my mom's shortcomings.

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