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Amber said:   September 22, 2014 1:37 pm PST
I have grown up with a mother with BPD my whole life. Always thinking, "Is mom going to change? She'll get better right?". I have a 12 year old sister that I have had to basically be the mother figure to. I am 19 years old but now have the mentality of a 40 year old because I basically raised myself. As a kid my mom would have episodes of verbal and sometimes physical abuse..I couldn't understand as a kid why someone could be so cruel. Now I am learning to accept the fact that she is not mean or evil, she just has a mental illness. I truly thought I was alone in this world with this problem. It has been an emotional roller coaster for my family and I am still struggling and always will be. I'd love to talk to someone more about this. Thanks so much

Chistina said:   August 9, 2014 10:22 pm PST
Thank you all for sharing your stories. It has made me realize that I was putting a bandage over the trauma from my childhood, trying to forget, but thinking that I caused it somehow. It wasn't me. It was an illness. It was out of my control. Thank you for helping to validate my feelings and break free from the guilt that colored my perception. Keeping myself safe is my number one I feel does matter!

Susan said:   July 29, 2014 5:04 am PST
Too bad this was not a recognized disorder back in the 1960's. My brothers and I are all in our fifties now, each with varying degrees of emotional damage. We stopped sending Mothers Day cards, birthday cards, etc. ages ago. BPD mothers are toxic parents, and their children are under no obligation whatsoever to continue to subject themselves to emotional terror. Sever the ties, cut her off completely. It's difficult at first, but eventually you won't feel guilty and you'll start to feel better about yourself and the other people in your life.

Lisa said:   July 14, 2014 10:34 am PST
I'm 45 & I have BPD, waif type. My mother is a BPD hermit/witch. I am just trying to be good to my daughter & keep her safe from my mother's rage & manipulation.

hv said:   July 9, 2014 5:55 pm PST
My husband and I have custody of his 13 year old daughter now after two suicide attempts. Years of abuse have come out via a long term residential facility that uses non compliance based therapy programs to get the truth on the table and learn coping skills other than cutting and suicide attempts. I am deeply saddened for the adults who suffered and did not know about BPD. Why are these abusers not locked up after all this abuse is identified by child protective services, I will never know...her mom still believes she has done no wrong. "Why don't you go out and get raped? Thank you for reminding me what a poor excuse you are for a daughter." She calls it an argument and no big deal. Where are our judges in all of this? CPS just ordered therapy...anyway, I cannot say enough for our residential facility and she is really blossoming, she cut 12" off her hair, she is playing guitar, she is really coming into her own, her own identity and her own oeaceful future. Thank you to all you brave ones here that spoke up for you who haven't, please do. It's time to get help!

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